Hoppy McBathtime

Keitai Coke
This Coke machine takes payment via infrared transmission, cellular phone screen reader, or cellphone IC (prepaid?) card. This is in a city with no wi-fi access points.

Internet access has turned out to be another technical challenge out here in the countryside. I’d hoped to find a café or library with wireless access available, but even after inquiring at city hall we came up with nothing—the closest option is a MacDonald’s in a neighboring city, which is about a $10 train ride away. Actually, it turns out that I’m not even allowed to bring my laptop into the local library for some reason. The best we’ve been able to manage is an AOL Japan dialup account, which is free for the first month (which is as long as I need it anyway) but due to the high cost of landline phone calls here ends up costing a couple dollars an hour. Needless to say I will not be downloading American TV programs or playing any online games on this arrangement.

A typhoon hit Japan yesterday but fortunately missed Shikoku; the worst we got were some cloudy skies and blustery winds. For the most part it’s been partly cloudy, hot and humid. Nights and mornings are pleasant, but after about 11am I tend to seek out air conditioning. Unfortunately my father in law’s apartment doesn’t get much direct sunlight, so it gets dark inside when the doors and windows are shut. I haven’t yet found any other good options for a place I can take my laptop to work, Internet access or not.

My Office
Step into my office.

My improvised bath was interrupted last night by a little frog that jumped in through the back door. I chased him around, caught him in a plastic container, and named him Hoppy McBathtime. Then I threw him out the window. He wasn’t going to wait around for a photo.

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  1. Donna Cramer says:

    Good to hear your news. Your creative problem solving skills appear to be working well. Say hey to Nana. May cool breezes blow your way.

  2. Lori Sasaki says:

    Hey dude,

    Love your photos and comments. I am writing from Peru, where my cousin and I have had lots of fun adventures. We return to the states tommorow, but hopefully we’ll get some paragliding in first. Please give my regards to Nana and best wishes for her father. Give us a call when you get back.


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