Resetting a lost ViewSonic DVI connection

I recently upgraded to a shiny new graphics card (NVIDIA 7900 GT) and was bummed when the DVI connection on my ViewSonic VA2012wb LCD monitor couldn’t detect a signal from it and just stayed in standby mode. At first I thought the card was just dead, until I tried using the DVI to D-Sub (analog VGA) adapter to send the monitor an analog signal, which worked fine. This mystified me, since the card and physical port were apparently working, but refusing to output a DVI signal. I’d just unplugged the monitor from my old DVI card, so I figured the monitor wasn’t the problem. Turns out the monitor was indeed (partially) the culprit.

I contacted support at XFX (the graphics card maker) and they recommended the usual (check connections, update motherboard bios, Windows drivers, etc.) but ended up advising me to return the card. Newegg, as usual, was great with their RMA support. Unfortunately, I experienced the exact same problem with the replacement card!

I eventually found the solution in some threads on the Anandtech and [H]ard|OCP message boards. It turns out that there’s a common problem with NVIDIA cards and many of ViewSonic’s 20″ widescreen monitors (most commonly the VX2025 but with mine as well), in which the monitor’s EDID settings get “stuck” into a state in which a DVI signal can’t wake the unit from standby mode. There are two possible solutions. The first, which worked for me, is to take the following steps:

  1. Connect both DVI and D-Sub when the computer and monitor are turned on
  2. Turn off the computer
  3. Disconnect the D-Sub, leaving the DVI in place
  4. Unplug the monitor’s power for at least 5 seconds
  5. Power the computer back on

When I did this, suddenly my monitor recognized the DVI signal and I got a nice digital picture. Another approach, which seems to have worked for a lot of people, is to use a utility called DVI Recover. I’m not sure where that program came from and can’t vouch for its safety or effectiveness, but from reading the message threads it sounds like it’s helped quite a few people.

Anyway, I was pretty frustrated with this problem at first and wasn’t finding much through general Google searches, so I hope this post helps someone in a similar situation. And ViewSonic definitely needs to get their act together and fix this problem!

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  1. NH says:

    worked for me the first time.
    ViewSonic VP2365wb
    GTX 260

  2. roguemm says:

    Just want to thank you for posting this. Was having this problem tonight – just couldn’t get the monitor to work. Wasn’t sure if it was the PC or the monitor.

    Was beginning to freak out about not being able to watch Game of Thrones :)

  3. ed says:

    When you say connect both, I know you mean on the monitor, but do you also mean to the video card? so both monitor connections are active from the monitor to the video card?

  4. lung says:

    Thank god, even if I don’t believe into any… that I found you. You saved my day. Thank you a lot.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Worked for me as well. Great tip! Thank you!

  6. Deborah Zanet says:

    I found that if I UltraVNC into the computer and adjust the resolution settings, it seems to do the same thing. Finally got it to hold the DVI setting that way.

  7. sr says:

    I had the same issue with DVI cable and ATI driver. I did not have a vga cable handy. However I suffer the same issue with my HTPC HDMI connection and my TV. I solved my HTPC issue with HdmiYo utility that resets the HDMI Link between the monitor and PC. DVI being a digital signal, I was sure this would fix this issue and it did!! I have configured ctrl-space toggle to invoke the utility which resets the device. The utility optionally starts itself on windows startup.

    The utility can be downloaded here:

  8. MiMiKn says:

    Dammit I searched for hours why it didnt worked after instally my new video card, resetting CMOS, tried a lot of things (event changed dvi / power cables) and this thing worked ! Ty ! 😀

  9. Kim says:

    This totally saved me tonight. Brilliant. Thank you!

  10. Mwtflyer says:

    Brilliant. Sorted my frustration and saved a load of money ( buying a new monitor)

  11. Tim says:

    I hit the “2” button on the monitor which is a shortcut that toggles the DVI/RGB and it solved the problem of RGB working when DVI did not.

  12. HelpMe says:

    My problem is that the video card that I have (GTX 750 Ti) doesnt have both DVI and VGA connections. It only has DVI.

  13. Ana says:

    Hi I have been gratefully loaned a desktop viewsonic and hard drive to complete 2 online courses and cannot for the life of me get it to work :-( everything is plugged in where it should be and I have tried turning off and back on but still says “No Signal D-Sub?????

  14. KC says:

    First suggestion work for me! I have a mac book pro I connect to the DVI. But recently I connected a PC to the VGA port. After that I had the problem described above. Having both computers plugged in and restarting my Mac fixed the problem. Maybe just restarting would’ve solved the problem.

  15. Matero says:

    Thank you! I unplugged and plugged back in and whoala, works like a charm. Can’t believe I’d find help in a 12 year old article, thanks mate.

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